Keeping Up With Friendships

In honour of International Friendship Day, we’re talking about friendships: How to keep up with the lovely people in our lives and maintain our relationships with them.

This Week’s Favs

Hey hey heyy! How are you doing guys? So since it’s been quarantine season and I’ve had far too much free time on my hands, I’ve been spending time on Netflix more than ever (like most of us, I’m sure), listening to even more music and I just felt like sharing some of the good… Continue reading This Week’s Favs

The Gratitude Journal

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – Robert Bault We take so much for granted in life, even the smallest things like our next breath. Many times, we don’t realize the significance of these little things we have until they are taken from… Continue reading The Gratitude Journal

Too Hood To Cry

Do you often hold back tears because you feel crying makes you weak? We’ve all been there, but the truth? You need a good cry from time to time. On today’s blog post, I’m sharing my personal experience with embracing emotions and why it’s okay to cry.❤️

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xoxo, Yinda

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